Holidays in the south, a visit to a restaurant every week, the installments for the house: there are a few expenses every month. Are they related to income? Your Creditsparks will support you with your personal financial check. for further explanation

The world is tempting: colorful advertisements on television and on the Internet, advertising brochures with great offers, shop windows with tempting products. You could buy so much, but the price is not always related to what you have in your account. Of course, you can make a big wish with the Creditsparks by taking out a loan. But even with a loan, the question is always the focus: what amount can I pay off each month? And what does that mean for the total amount of the loan?


Create a budget

debt trap

Whoever spends more than he takes in runs the risk of getting caught in the debt spiral. In the end, personal bankruptcy threatens. So that it doesn’t get that far, budget planning is helpful. You compare your income, for example wages, maintenance payments or pension, with expenditure. Expenses are all the costs that accumulate over the course of a month: costs for living, for food, for installments, for the children and so on. If you deduct expenses from earnings, you know how much money is left at the end of the month. You can use this amount to pay off a loan or set it aside to have something for bad times or a long-cherished wish. This procedure is called “creating a household budget”.


Help from your savings bank

Help from your savings bank

In the past, you used to write the income in a paper book in one column and the expenditure in another. In fact, such planning aid is still available – from your savings bank. You can order them online for free. There you will also find a modern variant of the household book, the web planner for the household budget. In this you can assign your expenses to categories and find out relatively quickly what you are spending a lot of money on. You can register for the web planner free of charge and anonymously. And if you are not sure whether you are doing well or badly, you can also look at reference budgets for comparison.